SVP ASIA Korea Branch participate in HOMEDEX which held in korea.
SVP ASIA  hope that this is a step toward the global company and getting a foothold in Asia market.

し Title : HOMEDEX 2008(The 10th Home Builders & Developers¨ Expo)
し Time : 2008. 5. 1(Thu) - 5. 5(Mon) <5days>
し Venue : COEX Pacific Hall(Seoul, Korea)
し Scale : Total 10,368С, 200 companies, 600 booth
し Organized by : The Chosun Ilbo
し Managed by : COEX, HOMDEX Inc
し Spported by : Ministry of Construction & Transportation
                        Construction Association of Korea
                        Korea housing association
                        Korea Housing Builders Association
                        Korea Institute of Registered Architects
                        Korea Health Housing Association
                        Korea Interior Management Association
                        Korea Wood Construction Association
                        Korea Wood Building Design Association
                        Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture Environment